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ANC's CEO Mr. John Xylas names a tree at the new Magsaysay Marine Academy


During the occasion of the 6th Seafarers conference in Manila, the managers of ANC were privileged to partake in a private tour of the cutting-edge Magsaysay Maritime Academy. This academy stands as a symbol of innovation and excellence in maritime education and training.

As a testament to the enduring friendship and long-standing business partnership between ANC and Magsaysay, Mr. John A. Xylas, the CEO of Ariston Navigation Corp., was bestowed with a unique honor. In recognition of this special relationship, Mr. Xylas was invited to name a tree within the premises of the academy.

This act of honor signifies the deep appreciation and mutual respect shared between the two families and underscores the significance of their collaborative efforts within the maritime industry. Such gestures of goodwill and friendship further solidify the bond between ANC and Magsaysay, as they continue to work together to promote excellence, safety, and advancement in the maritime profession.

As both ANC and Magsaysay remain committed to the well-being and development of seafarers, this commemorative act serves as a poignant reminder of the positive impact that can be achieved through meaningful partnerships and a shared dedication to the betterment of the maritime community.



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