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ANC's footbal team wins the 2018 Posidonia Shipsoccer Tournament


ANC proudly took part in the 2018 Posidonia ShipSoccer tournament, marking their fourth consecutive year of participation. The tournament featured a total of 28 teams, bringing together industry professionals and enthusiasts in a spirited display of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Having earned the title of defending champions, the ANC team demonstrated their prowess on the field, securing an impressive nine consecutive victories leading up to the finals. Throughout the tournament, they showcased skill, teamwork, and determination, proving themselves as formidable contenders.

In the much-anticipated final match, the ANC team faced off against the DHL team in a thrilling showdown. The atmosphere was electric as both teams displayed exceptional talent and competitive spirit.

After an intense match, the ANC team emerged victorious, putting on a remarkable performance and securing a resounding 4-1 victory. Their unwavering dedication and effort paid off, earning them well-deserved accolades as they lifted the championship trophy.

ANC's triumph in the 2018 Posidonia ShipSoccer tournament reaffirmed their commitment to excellence not only in their maritime endeavors but also in the realm of sports. The tournament provided a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to come together, foster meaningful connections, and celebrate the spirit of healthy competition.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the ANC team for their remarkable achievement in the tournament and commend them for their outstanding sportsmanship and success on the field.

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