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6th ANC Seafarers Conference


ANC successfully hosted its 6th Seafarers conference in Manila, spanning three engaging days from the 21st of November 2018.

This year's conference saw a remarkable surge in participation, setting a new record with an impressive attendance of 94 officers and ratings. The event was inaugurated by Mr. John A. Xylas, the CEO of Ariston, and Mr. Arnold B. Javier, the President of Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, showcasing the significance of the occasion.

Throughout the conference, department managers from ANC's head office took center stage as speakers, delivering insightful presentations on crucial topics such as onboard safety, operational efficiency, and technical matters. Attendees were enriched by real case studies and interactive workshops, providing practical knowledge and fostering productive discussions on key industry issues.

As a special highlight, the conference welcomed Mr. A. Gosh, a representative from the U.K P&I Club, as a guest speaker. Mr. Gosh delivered comprehensive case studies and conducted workshops on the critical aspects of enclosed space entry and risk assessment. His expertise and input added immense value to the event and further contributed to the professional development of the participants.

As is tradition, the conference concluded on a lively note, with the customary basketball game between the Managers' team and the Seafarers' team. This friendly match not only promoted camaraderie and team spirit but also exemplified the strong bond between ANC's leadership and its dedicated seafarers.

The 6th Seafarers conference in Manila served as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and personal growth. By bringing together industry experts, managers, and seafarers, ANC reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, safety, and continuous learning within the maritime community. The success of the event underscored ANC's dedication to supporting and empowering its maritime professionals for a prosperous future in the industry.



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