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​M/V Amethyst assists Hellenic Coast Guard in refugee rescue operation.


On Friday 27th January 2016, a remarkable incident unfolded in Gerolimenas, Southern Peloponnese, involving our cement carrier M/V Amethyst.

The Hellenic Coast Guard reached out to the M/V Amethyst with a distress call, urgently seeking assistance in a critical rescue operation. A sailboat was attempting to transfer refugees in dire need of help.

The Captain and crew of the M/V Amethyst displayed unwavering dedication to maritime solidarity and humanitarian aid. Without hesitation, the vessel deviated from its course to respond to the distress call. Upon reaching the rescue point, the M/V Amethyst assumed the role of an escort backup vessel in the towing operation.

Thanks to the swift and decisive actions of the M/V Amethyst and her crew, all thirty-six refugees were safely and successfully landed at the Gerolimenas port. It was a moment that epitomized the true essence of maritime responsibility and compassion for fellow human beings in need.

The rescue operation conducted with the assistance of M/V Amethyst demonstrated the noble spirit of the maritime community. Regardless of the primary purpose of a vessel, our crew members stand united in their commitment to saving lives and providing aid whenever and wherever it is needed.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and admiration to the crew of the M/V Amethyst for their heroism and exemplary seamanship. Their actions have undoubtedly made a significant difference in the lives of those rescued, offering hope, safety, and a chance for a better future. This incident stands as a proud testament to the core values that Ariston Navigation Corp upholds and embraces within its maritime family.



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