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3rd ANC Seafarers Conference


The 3rd Seafarers Conference, spanning three enlightening days, gathered an impressive attendance of around 60 Deck and Engine officers and ratings. The speakers hailed from ANC Piraeus Head Office and ANC Manila Office staff, ensuring a diverse and insightful range of perspectives.

This conference covered a broad spectrum of vital topics, including Operational, Technical, Crewing matters, and Safety (SMS) updates. Moreover, new subjects were introduced aimed at enhancing ANC's crew members' expertise. Participants gained valuable insights into how to effectively deal with and communicate with Port State Control (PSC) Officers during inspections, enabling seamless compliance with regulations. Additionally, case studies were explored concerning fuel supply diagrams and the optimal ordering of spares, promoting efficient vessel operations.

One of the conference's highlights was the in-depth discussion on "The Human Element in Shipping and Vessel's Operation." Recognizing the profound impact of human factors on maritime safety and performance, this segment underscored the significance of fostering a culture of well-being and collaboration onboard.

To provide a comprehensive overview of crew performance and progress, an annual review of 2016 was conducted, sharing crew statistics results and various essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This review allowed us to celebrate our achievements and identify areas where we could strive for continual improvement.

Our commitment to fostering professional growth and development was evident in the presentation of the latest updates in ANC Career development. We believe in nurturing our crew's potential and equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in their roles.

In an effort to foster open communication and camaraderie, Mr. Katsivardelos, ANC's Crew Manager, introduced the Crew Open Forum. This interactive panel provided a platform for crew members to engage in candid discussions with managers, facilitating the exchange of ideas, feedback, and concerns. The Crew Open Forum epitomizes our commitment to ensuring that every voice within the ANC family is heard and valued.

This conference encapsulated the spirit of growth, learning, and unity within the ANC community. We are honored to witness our crew members' dedication and passion for their roles, and we look forward to continuing our journey of excellence together.



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