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​M/V ALOE crew assists in a USCG rescue operation


​ANC's M/V Aloe demonstrated its commitment to the values of humanity and maritime solidarity. The vessel's course deviated due to an urgent request from a USCG Aircraft, directing it to proceed approximately 12 nautical miles from its position to assist in a daring rescue operation involving a capsized sailing vessel.

In a display of exceptional seamanship and efficiency, the crew of the M/V Aloe swiftly navigated to the scene of the incident. Three lives hung in the balance, and time was of the essence. With unwavering determination, they successfully rescued all three individuals: a US male citizen, a female British citizen, and a male Dominican Republic citizen.

Once safely onboard, the survivors were met with compassion and care. The crew provided first aid and other necessary assistance to ensure their immediate well-being. It was a moment that showcased the true essence of the maritime community – a collective effort to safeguard human lives at sea.

After receiving the utmost care and support onboard the M/V Aloe, the three survivors were transferred to the hands of the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Their courageous efforts in the rescue operation had brought these precious lives to safety, reuniting them with hope and their loved ones.

A heartfelt salute to the crew of M/V Aloe for their swift response and the successful rescue operation. Their actions serve as an inspiring reminder that the maritime industry stands united in protecting lives and preserving the sanctity of the vast oceans we navigate.

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