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ANC participates in the AMVER system


AMVER – Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System

Over 22,000 ships from hundreds of nations participate in Amver. An average of 4,000 ships are on the Amver plot each day and those numbers continue to increase The Amver Center computer receives over 14,000 Amver messages a day. Over 2,800 lives have been saved by Amver-participating ships since 2000. The success of Amver is directly related to the extraordinary cooperation of ships, companies, SAR authorities, communication service providers and governments in supporting this international humanitarian program to protect life and property at sea.

Amver's success is tied directly to the number of merchant's vessels regularly reporting their position. The more ships on plot, the greater the chance a ship will be identified near the position of distress.

Ariston Navigation Corp is proud to participate with their fleet in the Amver system as our first priority is to provide help and support for those in need or distress.

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