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​ANC introduces insurance cover plan for crew and their families


ANC is thrilled to announce a momentous step in prioritizing the well-being and security of its crew members and their families. Effective January 1st, 2017, ANC has initiated an all-encompassing insurance coverage plan to provide assistance and support during any future difficult situations that may arise.

In its commitment to safeguarding the health and happiness of their crew members, ANC has partnered with "MedAsia Healthcare System Philippines Inc," a renowned healthcare management specialist company dedicated to offering comprehensive medical security programs.

Under the ANC insurance program, eligible members and their families will benefit from a comprehensive insurance plan covering various crucial aspects. Hospitalization expenses will be covered, ensuring that our crew members receive the best medical care without any undue financial burden. Moreover, the insurance plan extends its protection to include disabilities, ensuring that our crew members receive adequate support and care should such unfortunate circumstances occur. In the event of an untoward incident, the plan will also provide necessary assistance to the families of our crew members, ensuring that they are taken care of during challenging times.

One of the unique features of this program is its coverage even during the seafarer's vacation. ANC understands the importance of providing continuous support, and hence, this insurance plan remains in effect, offering security and peace of mind even when the crew members are on their well-deserved breaks.

At ANC, our crew members are the backbone of our success, and their well-being is of paramount importance to us. With this initiative, we strive to create an environment of care and protection, ensuring that our crew members can focus on their responsibilities at sea, knowing that their families are provided for and supported in every possible way.

We take immense pride in launching this insurance coverage plan and look forward to standing by our crew members and their families, offering a safety net for any eventuality that may arise. It is our hope that this initiative will bring greater peace of mind to our valued crew members and strengthen the bonds that make the ANC family so special.



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