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​ANC hosts UK P&I club in-house training


ANC recently hosted a highly informative in-house seminar focused on safety, during which a range of casualty cases and their associated lessons were presented. Attendees included the Executive Management and Department heads of ANC, ensuring that key decision-makers were engaged in the discussion.

The seminar's standout feature was the exceptional delivery by Captain David Nichol, the Senior Loss Prevention Executive representing Thomas Miller/UK P&I Club in Piraeus. Captain Nichol's presentation not only addressed numerous safety issues but also sparked meaningful discussions and a fruitful exchange of ideas on the subjects presented. Notably, the topic of Seafarers Mental Welfare took center stage, highlighting the paramount importance of the Human Element in Shipping Operations.

This pioneering presentation marks the inaugural installment of a series of similar in-house seminars that ANC is meticulously planning. The overarching objective is to augment the Company's Loss Prevention policy and foster a culture of safety and vigilance throughout the organization.

Looking ahead, several additional in-house seminars and presentations have been thoughtfully scheduled in the upcoming months, thoughtfully tailored to cater to the unique needs of each department. A particularly noteworthy event is anticipated in June 2018, as the Ariston Crew Conference in Manila will play host to distinguished guests, including representatives from the UK P&I Club, who will be delivering impactful Loss Prevention presentations to the attending Officers and Ratings.

Through these proactive initiatives, ANC demonstrates their unwavering commitment to enhancing safety practices and prioritizing the well-being of all personnel involved in maritime operations. By continually fostering a culture of learning and best practices, the companies endeavor to fortify their industry-leading position and ensure a secure and efficient maritime environment.

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