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Pneumatic Cement Carrier M/V Adamas contract successfully completed.


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a 12-year contract between the owners of the pneumatic cement carrier M/V Adamas and the Lafarge Group.

In 2007, ANC specifically designed and constructed the M/V Adamas to cater to the requirements of this significant contract. Throughout its operational tenure, the vessel has been primarily dedicated to fulfilling the needs of Lafarge-Holcim's subsidiary in Greece, AGET Heracles. The main route of the M/V Adamas was focused on the Volos-Thessaloniki corridor, while also showcasing its capabilities across the Mediterranean basin. The vessel has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance, meeting and exceeding the expectations set forth in the contract.

While the 12-year contract has now reached its conclusion, the collaboration between the Lafarge-Holcim group and ANC continues to thrive. Currently, two smaller sister ships are actively engaged in performing contracts for the group, showcasing the enduring partnership and trust between the two entities.

This successful completion of the M/V Adamas contract is a testament to ANC's commitment to providing top-quality and tailor-made solutions to its clients in the maritime industry. ANC's dedication to excellence in design, construction, and performance has solidified their position as a trusted and preferred partner for leading global companies like Lafarge-Holcim.

As the collaboration between Lafarge-Holcim and ANC endures through the operation of the sister ships, it reaffirms the mutual benefits and shared values that underpin this enduring partnership. ANC looks forward to continuing this fruitful relationship and exploring further opportunities for growth and success in the future.



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