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ANC invests in R&D for Energy Saving Device


ANC has recently made significant strides in the research and development of an innovative Energy Saving Device, in collaboration with Juventus Shipping and Investment Ltd. This cutting-edge device is specifically designed to enhance the performance of its SeaStallion fleet, particularly during challenging weather conditions.

To ensure the device's efficacy and validate its potential benefits, rigorous tank test runs were conducted over a two-day period at the PSV tank-testing basin in Postam. These tests sought to assess the device's performance under simulated sea conditions and evaluate its impact on fuel efficiency and overall vessel performance.

We are delighted to announce that the tank test runs have been successfully completed, with promising initial results showcasing the device's potential to deliver substantial energy savings for the SeaStallion fleet. The data obtained during these tests will now undergo meticulous analysis and verification to yield comprehensive and accurate outcomes.

ANC is eagerly anticipating the final results, which are scheduled to be published next month. Once the analysis is complete, the company will have a better understanding of the device's capabilities and the extent to which it can optimize fuel consumption and operational efficiency, ultimately benefitting both the company and the environment.



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