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M/V Abyssinian participates in "Adopt a ship" for 2022


We are delighted to announce that ANC, through it's fleet vessel M/V Abyssinian, is actively participating in the Adopt a Ship initiative for a 4th consecutive year. This remarkable program, which fosters educational collaboration between seafarers and students, connects the maritime world with the younger generation, enhancing understanding and appreciation for the shipping industry.

Through the Adopt a Ship initiative, M/V Abyssinian will become an educational partner with schools, allowing students to virtually "adopt" the vessel and its crew. This unique opportunity enables students to gain insights into the daily operations of a working vessel, maritime practices, and the significance of global trade.

ANC takes immense pride in supporting this meaningful initiative, as it aligns with our core values of promoting maritime safety, environmental stewardship, and fostering relationships with the communities we serve. By engaging with students and educators, M/V Abyssinian aims to inspire the next generation of seafarers, marine engineers, and maritime enthusiasts, contributing to the sustainable growth of the shipping industry.



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