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ANC participates for a third year in the successful Adopt a Ship program


ANC is proud to participate for a third year in a row at the "Adopt a Ship," educational program with a mission to enlighten students about the fascinating world of the shipping industry.

The core objective of this program is to raise awareness about the life of seafarers at sea, inspiring young minds to consider careers in the shipping industry, both at sea and onshore, while fostering a sense of empathy for these hardworking individuals.

Through "Adopt a Ship," participating companies generously assign a ship to a school classroom comprising 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students. This unique opportunity enables direct email communication between the students and the vessel's captain and crew, allowing them to delve into the ship's daily duties, activities, cargo transport, trading patterns, and port operations, including loading and unloading procedures.

As part of the program, students gain valuable insights into the indispensable role of shipping in our daily lives and its significant impact on the historical, economic, and cultural development of nations.

ANC takes immense pride in supporting educational initiatives that introduce the shipping industry to young students and nurture their interest in this dynamic field, and is delighted to share the involvement of ANC Vessels in the "Adopt a Ship" program, in order to enrich the educational experiences of students:

2018-2019: M/V Atrotos Heracles

2019-2020: M/V Alkimos Heracles

2020-2021: M/V Atrotos Heracles, M/V Alkimos Heracles, M/V Abtenauer

To discover more about this captivating initiative, please visit: Adopt a Ship – Project Connect (

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