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Exclusive annual web meeting between HELMEPA members and the U.S.C.G.


ANC's DPA/CSO-Newbuildings Manager, Mr. Christos V. Georgousopoulos, had the distinct honor of participating in the annual meeting of HELMEPA Members with distinguished officials from the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The meeting, marked by an extensive and engaging discussion, centered on critical issues pertaining to vessel safety, pollution prevention, cyber security, port state control inspections, and emissions control. This noteworthy collaboration underscores ANC's dedication to fostering a safer and more sustainable maritime environment.

A Meaningful Dialogue

The annual meeting served as an exceptional platform for HELMEPA members to engage with Rear Admiral Mr. John W. Mauger, the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy at the USCG. The discussion delved into vital aspects of the shipping industry that have a significant impact on maritime safety, environmental protection, and operational efficiency. Mr. Georgousopoulos played a pivotal role in representing ANC and actively contributing to the dialogue.

Vessel Safety and Pollution Prevention

Safety is the bedrock of maritime operations, and ANC's commitment to adhering to the highest safety standards was underscored during the meeting. The discussion addressed various measures to enhance vessel safety, minimize risks, and prevent pollution. Topics such as effective safety protocols, incident response strategies, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies were examined to ensure safer and cleaner voyages.

Cyber Security in Maritime Operations

With the maritime industry becoming increasingly digitized, the need for robust cyber security measures cannot be overstated. The meeting highlighted the critical importance of safeguarding vessels against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. ANC, through its proactive approach, shared its expertise in implementing advanced cyber security measures to protect its fleet and crew.

Port State Control Inspections

Port state control inspections play a crucial role in enforcing compliance with international regulations and ensuring vessel safety. ANC's dedication to meticulous compliance and cooperation with relevant authorities was acknowledged during the meeting. The discussions focused on streamlining inspection procedures and fostering open communication with port state authorities.

Emissions Control and Sustainability

As environmental stewardship gains prominence in the shipping industry, ANC's commitment to emissions control and sustainable practices was a prominent topic of discussion. The meeting explored innovative solutions to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and promote sustainability in maritime operations.

A Shared Vision for a Safer Future

The collaboration between the USCG during the HELMEPA meeting exemplifies the shared vision of creating a safer, cleaner, and more efficient maritime industry. ANC's dedication to proactively engaging in these discussions demonstrates its determination to stay at the forefront of industry best practices.



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