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ANC introduces its bi-annual Seafarers Conference - 1st Conference takes place in Manila.


Ariston introduces its Seafarers Conferences, to be held in Manila bi-annually.

The Conferences will bring together the ANC fleet Seafarers, the ANC Manila Office staff and key personnel from the ANC Head office in Piraeus in a relaxed and familiar environment, where everyone can interact and discuss a variety of topics, issues and operational matters.

The personal contact promotes better understanding and communications, which is reflected when these Seafarers are serving on board the ANC Fleet vessels whereby it helps to create a good working relationship.

It gives the opportunity to present the seafarers with the Company’s SMS Policies and Procedures and their updates, as well as new regulations and requirements affecting the operations of the fleet.

Actual cases are discussed, incidents and occurrences with regard to the commercial operations of the vessels while the corrective and preventive actions and measures will be studied and analyzed.

Very importantly, this interaction will provide the platform for Officers and Ratings to express their opinion and give feedback and suggestions as to the improvement of the general operations on board.



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