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ANC's Vessels Participate in "Adopt a Ship" Initiative

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


ANC continues for a 5th year its dedicated involvement in the "Adopt a Ship" initiative through Project Connect. We are proud to oversee the participation of four of our vessels in this meaningful program, fostering a strong connection between seafarers and students worldwide.

The vessels participating in the program are as follows:

Bulk Carrier M/V Atrotos Heracles - With a carrying capacity of 81,922 metric tons.

Bulk Carrier M/V Alkimos Heracles - also carries 81,922 metric tons.

Bulk Carrier M/V Abyssinian - Carrying 36,062 metric tons.

Bulk Carrier M/V Azteca - with a carrying capacity of 36,062 metric tons.

ANC's commitment to the "Adopt a Ship" initiative reflects our dedication to promoting maritime awareness and nurturing the next generation of seafarers and maritime enthusiasts. Through Project Connect, our vessels become virtual classrooms, allowing students to explore the maritime world, learn about the global trade system, and gain a deeper appreciation for the vital role of seafarers in our daily lives.

By actively participating in the "Adopt a Ship" initiative, ANC continues to play a key role in inspiring and educating young minds, fostering a greater understanding of the shipping industry, and promoting a sustainable and vibrant maritime future. Our vessels, M/V Atrotos Heracles, M/V Alkimos Heracles, M/V Abyssinian, and M/V Azteca, eagerly contribute to this noble cause, reinforcing ANC's dedication to responsible leadership and community engagement.

For more information please click here: Adopt a Ship – Project Connect (


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