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M/V Aloe participates in a case study for the Universidade da Coruña


The Port Authority of La Coruña, in collaboration with researchers from the University of La Coruña, recently conducted a visit to the M/V Aloe, a vessel berthed in the outer port of La Coruña. The primary objective of this visit was to gather essential data pertaining to the vessel's movements while docked during the winter season.

The study focuses on comprehending how vessel movements are influenced by swells during the winter months and the subsequent impact on port operations, particularly loading and unloading activities. By closely examining these movements and assessing their implications, the Port Authority aims to gain valuable insights into potential limitations that may arise during these critical operations.

Through this joint effort, the Port Authority and University researchers aim to enhance the port's operational efficiency and safety measures, thereby ensuring smoother maritime activities and fortifying the port's ability to handle vessels optimally, even under challenging weather conditions. The data collected from the M/V Aloe will serve as a valuable resource for further analysis and the development of strategies to mitigate any challenges posed by adverse winter conditions. Ultimately, the study aims to contribute to the overall advancement of port management practices and bolster the resilience of La Coruña's outer port.



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